Friday, June 22, 2012

CSR finally underway!

CSR Day 5

We woke early and decided to walk into town to the bakery, a lovely walk along the lake edge, sun rising over the red ridges to the south. We all needed to do some last minute shopping and met in town behind Coles about 9.30am. Finally, it felt like the trip is actually getting underway! Across the diversion dam and away! The first part of the trip was following a three trailer road train. It was impossible to get passed him once he got a head of steam up, but we managed to get around him as he was accelerating from a corner.

The scenery is spectacular on the way south, just beautiful. We stopped at Doon Doon roadhouse for a spell, and then a roadside stop for lunch. We hit Halls Creek about 3pm, seeking out the shell servo to top up every container of fuel and tanks we could. A quick visit to the police station gave us the info that we do not need to report to them anymore, they recomend informing friends and if something happens, then ring them. So, with no reason to hang around, we headed south! 16 ks out of town, we turned left and hit the dirt! The road is actually not too bad, patches of corrugations, but overall pretty good. The sunset arrives pretty quickly in these parts, so about 4pm, we started looking for a spot to camp. As usual, there was no-where! A few dead-end tracks proved no good, so we kept going. Finally, around 5pm, we seen a parking area and pulled into a lovely little tree covered area with two perfect places to camp! Lovely! Two others, both camper trailers, have pulled in as well, but well away. Really cold tonight...

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