Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 16 tools or no tools?

Day 16 CSR Not as cold last night, 12 degrees greeted us this morning. The usual brekky then away at 8.15, our earliest start. First stop only 5 minutes up the track where Kerrin spotted another Thorny Devil having a sunbake on the track. Bob and I walked back to have a look at him and take some photos. Ten minutes later Kerrin, the wildlife guru, spotted a camel standing atop a sand dune right next to the track. By the time we stopped and got the camera he was heading over the hill away from us. We got a couple of shots though. Morning tea was at Mt Helen. We admired the rock massif whilst enjoying a cuppa, then headed up the rocky slope to check out the view. It was worth the climb with 360 degree views from the big square rocky outcrop. We saw a vehicle pass us heading north on our way down the slope. Back on the track we continued on well 27 and then a further 2 kms ish to the native well and former aboriginal tool making site. I am suspicious of the tool making site as there were a lot of sharp rocks made to look like cutting tools but no sign of where they had been made. No grooves in the rock. As we were leaving the native soak two troopies arrived on a tag along tour. The front one driven by a German tour leader. Otto asked us if we had seen a German couple driving a white troopie? We had seen them last night at well 28 when they briefly stopped then continued on. Otto said he wanted to catch up with them......... Lunch back at well 27 before continuing on down the track. Shortly after leaving the well we came across two vehicles heading north. Four blokes, a tonne of fire wood and LOTS of beer.......we pulled off the track to let them pass. About half an hour later we heard chatter on the radio and. We called them up. They were heading north as well. We pulled over at the Slate Range to wait for them to pass. When they finally arrived there were three vehicles. Stories and fuel prices were exchanged. The plot thickened with regards to Otto. The young German couple he was looking for had asked this group if they had a map?!  Back on the track and heading for well 26 for our camp for tonight. We arrived around 4 pm and again we have the entire place to ourselves. We retrieved some water from the well to wash ourselves and some clothes. The sunset was again a sight to see with a pink and orange sky scattered with streaks of cloud. The well has been restored again since the last time we were here, it is now made with treated pine, as the termites appreciated the last timber that was supplied to them. The water is very clear, so we topped up the drinking containers and used some more for washing. There is even a toilet here now! It was installed only a few weeks ago, and has a little trailer under it, so that it can be wheeled away when it is full. Not sure who is going to volunteer for that job! Dinner tonight was chicken and fried rice and chocolate mousse from Kunwarritji....YUM! Cloud cover as we go to bed is making the temperature quite warm and bearable.  A sensational sunset once again.

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