Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CSR Day 4

CSR day 4

Between the fruit bats squabbling for territory in the tree beside the car, and the trucks idling beside the roadhouse, it was a pretty long night...hence we were both suprised to sleep in until 7.15! We are getting better at packing up, and it didn't take long to get everything organised and away. We have tried several different ways of packing the cab, and will try a few more I reckon before we get it right.

The road continues after Top Springs in excellent condition. The country changes rapidly and scenically through breakaways, jump-ups and valleys, all the while accompanied by cattle dreamily looking on...

We pass through the legendary VRD cattle station, crossing the Victoria river at Deadwood crossing. Not deep, but a nice diversion from the dust. The next scenic wonder is Japser Gorge. This was a real suprise, as it isn't really marked on the maps as anything scenic, but it truly is! The road breaks out of thick scrub onto open country, with beautiful tabletop hills, as if to say 'ta da! here is the Kimberly!!"

We wished we had more time to explore Japser Gorge, it just begs to be walked through and on and around, but we zipped through with only a few photos to show we even went there. From there, the road is still pretty good, but does start to get lumpy, just enough to make sure you are paying attention!

We hit the blacktop again about 20ks from Timber creek, and it doesn't take long to settle back into 115ks an hour, with the scenery flashing by once again. We have arrived in Kununurra and managed to find Jon and Kerrin in the correct van park. It is a lovely spot right on the lake, but pretty exxey price wise..

We leave for Halls Creek tomorrow, and our last internet for 3 weeks and 2,000km. We will update when we get to Kalgoorlie!!

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