Friday, June 22, 2012

Wolfe Creek, the crater not the movie!

CSR day 6

We actually slept pretty well last night, both of us toasty in our sleeping bags. Up just before sunrise, we packed up slowly, not really wanting to get back on the road. The roof racks needed adjusting, the corrugations giving them a workout. Other than that, we are travelling well. A little way down the road, we tried to charge the computer on the inverter, but it told us we didn't have enough power... it appears that we have used too much power yesterday, charging things up. The fridge isn't working very well, the same thing that happened in Cooktown. Because we only drove as far as Wolfe Creek, about an hour down the road, the battery didn't get enough charge to keep everything running smoothly.Bugger, bugger, bugger. We decided we had had enough and set up camp in the camping area. After lunch, we decided a walk was in order and set off over the lip of the crater and across the bottom. It is actually really beautiful, lots of wildflowers of all variaties and shapes and sizes. Against the red rock, we soon had the digital cameras running hot!

Across the other side, we ascended the ridge and up to the lip. Suprisingly, the other side has almost no lip, it is the same height as the crater. We turned left, and followed the lip all the way back to the path. It is a beautiful walk, well worth the effort. We have turned the fridge off, as there is no point all it is doing is running the motor for no good reason.

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