Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 10 dingoes and budgies

Day 10 As we sit at well 41 enjoying our dinner the  full moon is rising over a distant sand dune in a spectacular haze of purple and orange light. As it rises higher in the night sky it appears to be a partial eclipse. The bottom right quadrant has a shadow in front of it, increasing in size.
We were up and at 'em around 6am, porridge for brekky, a quick pack up of the tent and hit the track at 7.45. We met Jon and Kerrin about 15 minutes down the track where they had found a nice camp site. They were packed and ready to leave. Jon had a test light that was easier to get than mine on board so we checked the voltage in the auxiliary battery....not a lot...well..not enough anyway. We shut the bonnet in thorough disgust and decided to have a good day anyway! LOTS and lots of sand dunes today. Our guide book said between wells 43 and 42 was the longest section between wells with the most amount of sand dunes and the highest sand dunes on the CSR, some measuring almost 17metres high. We did well though and didn't miss a beat over any. We saw another dingo today. This one not as friendly and was keen to get back to her hideout. We spotted her near tank 42 Guli Lake where the book says there are very large rabbits! The dingo would be well fed judging by the size of the rabbit burrows we saw on the southern edge of Guli Lake! Morning tea at Guli Tank 42 where we were entertained by flocks of emerald green budgies flitting and swooping all over the place. Meanwhile two miserable looking major Mitchell galahs looked on without much interest! Continuing on we found a great spot for lunch under a stand of shady gum trees. Just as we were about ready to depart we heard some radio chatter, ten minutes later a tag along tour arrived......10 four wheel drives of various description, makes and models came lumbering over the sand dune and into our  shady lunch spot! A quick chat to the guide revealed the two vehicle in front of us are towing trailers and finding the dunes hard going. We were also filled in on the story of the abandoned Jeep we saw yesterday....apparently he ran out of fuel and just got out and started to walk! We thought the whole thing looked a bit strange! Onward ever southward we continued, finding well 41 at around 3.30. We decided to set up camp, have a wash with water from the well and hand wash some clothes. Hopefully they will dry by the doubt they will, it very dry out lips and skin are not used to this dry climate!

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