Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 7 CSR

CSR day 7 Wolfe creek to well 49 via Billilinu. We set off from wolfe creek about 8am. The road is very open and in good condition, so we got to Billiluna in no time at all. Scotty had told horror stories about fuel at Billiluna, and how you had to pay for it, even if you didn't use it. We had to wait for Harold to fill up the town grader, but you estimate how much you need and the pump stops when you reach that amount, easy! The mandatory CSR sign photo and we were actually on the track. A little way down the track, we stopped to attach sand flags and Jon attached his spinifex shade cloth to the front. The track is very rough, very corrugated. The shock absorbers ran red hot all afternoon. It was actually really dangerous, as the track is so rough it becomes necessary to travel around 40kph to get above the corugations, but then you are traveling too fast to actually see anything, and to quick to stop if someone is coming the other way. A real find of the day was after lunch at well 50 Kerrin's guidebook suggested a place called Calverda soak about 4 k's from the clay pan of well 50. It is actually incredibly beautiful and a real highlight. It is about 700m walk and the soak is up a side gorge with aboriginal petroglyphs. Just awesome. We are camped tonight at well 49 we have hauled some water up and discovered our fridge isn't working...

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