Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 14 a thorny problem...

Day 14 CSR
A comfortable night sleep in the cabin at the community, we were up at 6am and headed straight for a hot shower! Why's there and it will be two weeks till we get the chance again. Breakfast of porridge and some toast before repacking the car and preparing to hit the track again. By the time we left the community it was 8.15. As we pulled out Jon and Kerrin were hopping in their car ready to follow. We headed out to the turn off to head south to Willuna via CSR....we waited there for about half an hour thinking J & K had stopped for a chat with Graham who was at the bowser as we drove by. They did stop to take a photo of the sign and then promptly ignored the sign and headed off in completely the wrong direction! We headed back to the community to see if they had a CB  radio with a greater range than 3kms but they don't so we just waited by the the side of the road hoping they would work it it out....they did and turned up shortly after.
So......departure time was 9.15. Back onto the CSR we drove over the not so deadly corrugations that everyone had been whining about. First well was number 32 but we couldn't find the correct track in, so continued on down the main track. Half an hour later after a bit of exploring and GPS searching we found Well 31. We combined smoko with lunch and ate at 11.30 under a great big snappy gum right next to what remains of the well.  Back on the main track we headed off for well 30. It was slow going over very rocky limestone with nasty crunchy bits all over the track. Top speed for this 30 kms section was about 15 kms per hour due to low tyre pressures and the chance of a puncture on the sharp rocks. We turned off at well 30 to drive the 4 kms to visit the Munjingerra cave. On the way in we almost ran over a Thorny devil lizard! The most amazing looking little guy, so cute, but spikey at the same time! We all took photos and then  moved him off the track as there was no way possible to drive around him. Not 50 metres up the track we spotted another devil! This one a bit fatter and bigger than the last. Neither were shy and sat there posing for our photos. We moved this little guy off the track, jumped back in the car only to be stopped again another 50 meters down the track by a herd of camels! There were seven altogether and they we just as interested in us as we were in them. They are big, furry and smelly with gorgeous big brown eyes. There were a couple of young ones in the mob and a big one watching over the proceedings, protecting his girls I think. Anyway, we finally got to the cave and it looks nothing like the last time Bob and I were here so many years ago. The roof of the cave has collapsed, due to a four wheel drive parking on the roof we have read. There was also a lot of vegetation around the cave which we don't recall being there last time. Jon climbed down into a small sink hole, hoping it lead to the main cave with no joy, before we all decided it was time to find a camp spot for the night. We headed back to Well 30 where we are now camped under a stand of blood wood trees. The sun disappears around 5.15 pm and it gets cold quite quickly after that. Another spectacular sunset to enjoy whilst enjoying a cup of tea. Then a dash to the car to don several layers of clothing to ward off the chill. We had a camel near camp, just after dusk, he gurgled menacingly (if it is possible to gurgle menacingly) and we haven't heard him (or her) since.

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