Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 8 CSR Breaden Hills

CSR day 8 Late getting away, discovered the terminal on the battery was loose, hopefully that will fix the fridge, and fabricated a new sand flag to replace the one lost yesterday this one lasted about an hour before also being lost... Let some air out of the tyres yesterday to take the edge off the corugations, and let some more out today. Breaden hills was the stop of choice today. We got to visit both Breaden pool and Godfrey tank. Both natural water holes on gorges behind Breaden hills. The finches kept us entertained. They come to drink in their thousands, the air vibrating with their wing beats. Also spotted what looked like a peregrine falcon hunting the finches. More finches at Godfreys tanks  as well as a grinding stone, used by aboriginal people to make spinifex flour. Had lunch at Breaden pool and got going late. J & K wanted to get to well 46 but last thing, right on dusk we came across two massive sand dunes that held us up for ages while we dropped pressures, etc. Finally, we got over them, but it was dark, so the first available spot, we have pulled over and camped.

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