Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 9 real sand dune country

CSR Day 9 Early rise 6.15am for us, 5.15am for Jon and Kerrin. Breakfast of porridge then pack up and away from camp at 8.15am.  We had camped at the base of a sand dune so two minutes after departure we climbed a sand dune!  We could hear over the radio a couple of camper trailers having issues in the dunes but they soon faded from radio range. Today we saw two broken jeeps. The first one was  a complete mystery. Parked beside the track containing the owners clothes, some ID and other personal items. The radiator was full of spinifex grass seeds but no sign of anything fires or indication of breakdown. It is as if he has just got out for a walk. The second jeep however was a burnt out shell which had been rolled onto its side to unblock the track. The policeman in Halls Creek told us the driver was ok.  Today we visited wells 46, 45 and 44. Near well 46 a dingo came to have a look at us. She was very inquisitive  and not very afraid. We got lots of photos then continued on to the well. Well 46 was fully restored in 1998 & 2002 but some one had stolen the bucket so no water for us. We had morning tea at well 45, just a hole in the ground with a rusty old bucket to mark the place. We drove over lots of sand dunes today. I walked up some of them to get some video and photos. Tyre pressure were reduced again to 18psi on both vehicles. We could hear other people on the radio having trouble on the dunes, but we did OK with only one or two requiring a second attempt. At around 4.30 we spotted a camp site at the base of a sand dune about 20kms from well 43. Bob and I have camped for the night here, Jon and Kerrin have continued on as they couldn't find a place to turn around. They will camp further up the track and hopefully find somewhere to camp before it gets dark. Lamb and vege soup for dinner whilst watching the almost  full moon rise above the sand dunes.  After dinner we re-fuelled the car with fuel from the big tank in the tray.  We think the second battery is buggered as it has not recharged after 3 days of driving. So, no fridge. We will see if there is a mechanic at Kunawarratji to check the battery then decide what to do from there.

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