Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CSR day 2

CSR day 2

We spent most of the night lamenting why we didn't pay that little bit more and get better sleeping bags...it was freezing! Stupidly cold for only 120km south of Normanton. A biting wind managed to mangle the awning that has withstood the worst that Cooktown could throw at it. I spent a pleasent few minutes in the outdoors, inappropriately dressed, trying to fix said awning so that it would stop rattling for a few minutes. The joy of camping!

A crisp clear morning greeted us as we crawled bleary eyed from the tent, a spectacle that was lost on us! I got the kettle going, but it needed constant care as the wood was wet from yesterdays rain. Eventually we got enough hot water for drinks and later on, threw everything in the car in complete disarray and hurried out of bang bang jump up as quickly as the car would accelerate away!

First stop was Cloncurry, our first time back in 18 years...just like we remember...

Fuel, morning tea and away. The bright lights of Mt Isa beckoned us. Actually, the first thing you see is the massive chimney above the mine! Thankfully, Mt Isa has progressed to a point where you can buy decent -6 sleeping bags, and then due to a ticketing error, get 15% off!

No time to celebrate though, back on the road, westward, ever westward.

Camooweal next, took about as long to read it as we spent in it!

The obligitory photo at the NT border, with the stunning nothingness of the Barkley tablelands on all sides. It is beautiful to be able to see the horizon in all directions, sweeping across your eyes with no interuptions.

We have camped about 100km west of the border, in a roadside stop. Nowhere near as cold at the moment, although the wind has been howling all day, and doesn't look like easing off soon. Clear and sunny all day.

Fuel today at Cloncurry, $1.72cpl and Camooweal $1.91cpl.

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