Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Canning Stock Route Day 1

CSR Day 1

We didn't get a really good sleep last night, in anticipation of starting our long awaited CSR trip. Obviously, because we had to pack the car, we had record breaking rains yesterday, (over 200mm) but today was looking slightly brighter, cloudy but not raining.

We had everything packed and were underway by 8am, about half an hour down the road, we realized that we'd forgotten to turn the hot water service and the gas off! A quick call to Nanettee and Murray, who kindly offered to zip around and turn them off for us.

Atherton was situation normal...mizzle. It's thicker than mist but not quite drizzle. Over the ranges to Ravenshoe. It was just like flying, driving along the road, the clouds just above our heads! Turn right at the Matilda roadhouse, and settle back for the 200km run to the next intersection.

Really the only interesting thing to report was that it continued to rain periodically most of the day. Usually the weather once away from the great dividing range is sunny, not today. We stopped at Mt Suprise for cup-a-soup served from the tailgate, what an old couple we've turned into! Mt Suprise is a lovely little place for a stop.

Next was Croyden where we stopped for fuel. $1.63cpl. Here wa got a very pleasent suprise. Our fuel consumption is 13l per hundred k's. I can hear everybody groaning, 'oh no, he measures fuel consumption' but on a trip like this it is important, especially when the stuff is going to get more and more expensive! Considering the load we have, I thought the consumption was excellent. We have pulled up at a jump-up called bang bang, about 120k's south of Normanton. A beautiful outback sunset welcomed us to the Savannah, as we set the camp up. It took us an hour or so, hopefully we'll get quicker as the trip progresses. Quite chilly tonight, early to bed!

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