Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 16

Had a peek out of the window when I woke up this morning, a beautiful sunny day! Of course it was! The wind is still fairly strong, but the clouds that have haunted us for the last two weeks have finally gone. Tracey spoke to Heathlands and they reported better, but still not great, weather up there.
It was very pleasent not having to pack up a wet camp again today. Steve & Tanya decided they wanted to see Weipa, so we thought we'd tag along, giving Ted a day off from everyone as well. A plan was hatched to meet up again at Musgrave Station.
The road into Weipa is brilliant and it takes about 1 1/2 hours from Merluna into town. A set of traffic lights and railway crossing gates greets the visitor as they enter the town itself. The traffic lights are to allow the mining trucks through on their road. The port had two ships loading dirt. The town is actually nice and green, plenty of parks and facilities, with a shopping centre and pretty much most things you would need. We stocked up on crap snacks and junk food for the outward journey, as well as checked e-mails and made a few phone calls (pretty sad, really) We took a drive out towards Mapoon, over the bridges, eventually sighting a mining truck to take a photo of. Happy with the days hunting, we headed back to town to fuel up and have a quick lunch.
The afternoons entertainment was provided by Tanya's Ipod. This has many obscure (and many more woeful) 80's hits and misses. It almost became a wish-wish Ipod (that's the noise it makes as it sails through the air, wish-wish-wish) Tracey's Ipod also has some pretty embarrassing stuff on it as well, so we played all of them too.
Coen was the last stop of the day, we went out to meet Charlie, the Mad Maltese Miner. He's actually not mad at all, he is a very friendly and personable bloke with an out of control hair-do and mighty strong arms from years of digging holes. He hasn't thrown anything out, ever. Instead he uses his bush skills and inventivness to come up with machines to work for him, and to make sculptures to display in the garden. He has a windmill made of two 44gallon drums welded together, driving a car alternator to generate electricity. He also has a device that uses three car gearboxes to drive an old fashioned gold stamper, he demonstrates this to those who visit his house. Some of the walls of his house are made from bottles. All different coloured bottles. He has articles displayed on the wall of the many times he has featured in newspapers, magazines, also movies and TV documentaries made about the Cape. Would have been nice to spend more time there, but Musgrave beckoned, so off we went in a cloud of dust.

Ted had managed to snaffle the last cabin at Musgrave, so we set up camp down near the creek at Musgrave. A meal and TV watching (it's mesmerising!) rounded out the days adventures. The sun has shone all day and it is nice to be dry. We have the fly on the tent tonight, as there will be a dew and it would be a shame to wet everything again, so close to home.

Weipa traffic

moving house...near Archer River.

Charlie's artworks, using recycled materials.

Bob & Tracey

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