Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 4

Another beautiful outback sunrise greeted us this morning, apparently it is raining on the coast, but here the weather is sensational, apart from being too windy. The wind is actually not too bad in the mornings, and tends to kick in around 9.30ish, at ground level. I reckon that we will be right to go tomorrow, if we are up early.
Packed up the camp after pancakes and got going around 9o’clock. An un-eventful run saw us in Laura around 11.30am. Tracey has decided that she will sit out the next leg to Musgrave Station. We re-packed the cars so that Teddy and I can fly the next leg to Musgrave tomorrow morning, leaving Tracey and Steve and Tania to drive the cars up. Ted and I will sleep (?) at the little shelter shed at Laura and be up for a first-light take-off. The trike has been repacked as well, seeing as we don’t need the camping gear and food we thought we would, to keep weight at a minimum.
Steve and Tracey and Tania left for Musgrave around 1pm, after lunch under the mango trees.
So Ted and I have made a nuisance of ourselves at the Laura pub, hanging around.  We watched the traffic come down the street, then watched it go back again. Most exciting thing that happened was the power blacked out for an hour or so and no-one could get any change from the pub till.
The State of Origin is on tonight, so they are expecting a big crowd to come in and watch big blokes crash into each other. I am planning to go to the shed straight after tea to get a couple of hours sleep at least.
Bob (without Tracey) 

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