Friday, June 11, 2010

Support vehicles ready for departure.....almost!

Today was a mad dash to try to get everything together that we need to put in the vehicle as they had planned to leave early tomorrow. Steve and Tania also spent the day madly dashing around finishing off photo shoots, a couple of business meetings, having new tyres fitted to the X-Trail and generally tying up lose ends. Tomorrow for them will be packing the car ready for their departure early Sunday morning. (EARLY STEVE! I will ring you from the airstrip when we are leaving!)
Teddy has been packing for a week or so and is now ready to leave tomorrow. We will meet him and Tania and Steve in Laura on Sunday mid morning sometime. Teddy's car is packed to the gunnels with gear! Teddy is the best boy scout EVER! He is ALWAYS prepared! Between us all we must have about 50 kgs of chocolate, a definite inclusion in any survival kit! It would be a disaster to have a code red chocolate emergency on our hands!
So, now we only have a small pile of gear to stuff into the trike when we leave on Sunday morning!
Weather at this stage is looking a bit windy, but past experience has taught us to fly early to avoid the bumpy air.
There are a couple of weather sites we check, Seabreeze is good for Coastal wind forecasts. The BOM site is good for general weather and we also check the aviation weather website.

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  1. Have a great time and stay safe. At least this way you get to dodge those pot holes (well at least the terra-firma ones anyway - I still haven't found a council that cleans up all those aerial pot holes)
    I think I might have to incorporate air into our next Cape York adventure - got my PPL in Feb. Been down to Moruya, and planning Nambucca in a couple of weeks - all good fun in good air!
    Mark & Fiona