Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 17 (last day)

Dawn was a beautiful calm sunny affair. Only later did the clouds roll in and the wind start to pick up once again. Things didn't get packed very neatly today. All of us could smell the grass in the home paddock, and were pretty keen to sleep in our own beds again, without water dripping on us in the middle of the night. So everything basically got jammed in, where it would fit and not fall out too often.
The road between Musgrave and Hann River is probably the worst on the Cape at the moment. Very large corrugations, and lots of them, plague the road along the flats. The country here looks like it gets wet and stays wet when the rains come. Skinny, sickly looking stunted trees that offer no shade and shrubs that have large not-friendly thorns struggle to stay alive on the thin dusty ground. As soon as it dries out, the soil instantly turns from mud into corrugations, and stays that way until the next rains.The road isn't actually terrible, it's just that the roads have been so unusually good the rest of the trip that a few corrugations upset us. Called in quickly to Harold at Laura Store to say thanks and then sped along the oh-so-smooth bitumen once it started near Lakeland. The cars got a wash down at Lakeland, through the automatic weed seed washer-offer. Stopped for lunch at the cafe at Mt Molloy. A huge burger each nearly sent everyone to sleep on the drive back to Mareeba.
We got home around 3pm. All our stuff was thrown in a heap on the driveway and sad farewells exchanged. Got started straight away on the de-dusting, sorting, washing and drying out of gear chores.
It has been a great trip, despite the weather dramas and distinct lack of flying (especially for Steve and Tanya) but I'm glad we went.
Thanks to everyone who helped out with gear and services. Thanks also to our responsible adult, Dee. All of those who told us we couldn't (or shouldn't) do it, and turned out to be right, thanks for that advice as well. We went anyway.

Rather be a has-been than a never-was!
All that remains now is to get back in a car the day after tomorrow and drive the dusty 700km back to the top and bring our aeroplane back!

Last brekky, Musgrave.

Bob & Tracey

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